Softest,Hardest,Cleanest - The water cultures
Merro's values and corporate culture

Employees are always the soul of the company

Advocate a team spirit of harmony, tolerance and collaboration; integrity, self-discipline, serious responsibility; tough, fearless, dedicated work ability; organizational, efficiency, performance, excellent results. Self-improvement, advancing with the times, achieving self and pursuing excellence.

Success is the greatest glory, and sharing success is the greatest happiness.

Merro interprets the corporate philosophy of “only for health” and has embarked on a path of self-development in the expansion of the field of health.

With a wide range of contemporary technologies, processes, products and equipment, the company has gathered a group of high-end professionals to lay a good foundation for sustainable development. With the production base of Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Merro Chinese Medicine Factory as the core, the company has established a CGMP quality management system in line with international standards. It has a strong production capacity and variety reserves, and has more than 300 varieties of national pharmaceutical production approvals. The nationwide marketing network of Merro has been improved day by day, and the market coverage has been continuously expanded. Resources have been complemented and combined in the aspects of pure hospital sales and terminal distribution. The variety of Merro is spread all over the country, and the brand of Merro is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Faced with the market characteristics of international competition and domestic competition, Merro always insists on focusing on the sustainable development of the company and taking the lead in promoting the internationalization process in China. Relying on Merro Pharmaceuticals and Merro Chinese Medicine Factory, we have vigorously expanded the international market. We have received quality audits and TGA international certifications from many pharmaceutical companies around the world. The products have been exported in batches, which have basically formed Europe, America and Japan. International strategic cooperation framework and long-term market structure. "Accelerating the progress of the company's internationalization, gaining the right to survive in the future, and entering the international normative market" is the driving force behind the development of Merro in the future.

Merro established a modern enterprise system, completed the introduction of state-owned capital and the reform of share-trading, and played an important role in improving the governance structure, transforming the operating mechanism, optimizing capital allocation, and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

With a rich corporate culture, Merro is committed to the production and sale of high-quality, safest pharmaceuticals and health products. It adheres to the concept of “only for health” and is positioned to specialize, standardize and internationalize. "Becoming an international pharmaceutical company that uses technology, service excellence and innovation" is our unremitting pursuit.

Merro's corporate culture - "water" culture, rich in content and profound in depth. Water to softness, water to just, water to the net, fully demonstrates our inclusive, resolute, self-disciplined corporate character.

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