Based on technological innovation, Merro Pharmaceuticals regards high-tech products as the engine for the future development of the company. With R&D as the core, it has established long-term cooperative relationships with international and domestic R&D institutions and universities and research institutes, and has national post-doctoral workstations; The company introduced overseas R&D team to form the Merrill International Drug Research and Development Center; established a school-enterprise alliance platform, and established the Merro Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the Pharmaceutical Engineering R&D Center.
At present, Merro Pharmaceutical has 165 scientific and technical personnel and 55 quality management personnel, of which more than 30 overseas R&D personnel are developing products with high technical level of slow-release preparations and special dosage forms. Every year, Merro China headquarters selects personnel to study abroad, not only to pursue product quality and standards to reach the highest level in the world, but also to strive for globalization in resource allocation and talents.
With the development of national essential drugs, international generic drugs and biopharmaceuticals, Merro completed more than 50 R&D and innovation projects in the research on the consistency of original drug research, and 46 projects in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements have obtained more than 10 such as leflunomide. The National First and Second Class New Drug Certificates have won more than 30 national patents, and have undertaken several national key research projects, industrialization demonstration projects and national key new drug creation projects, and have achieved in the field of slow-release preparation technology. A major breakthrough.
The production equipment and quality testing equipment of Merro have reached 18 international standards including five main workshops and R&D building. The internationalized preparation workshop has a single area of 25,800 square meters, which is the largest annual production of 10 billion tablets in China. 4 billion capsules, 20 million freeze-dried powder injections, 400 million tons of powder injections, annual production capacity of 3,000 tons, 20 million oral liquids, 100 tons of pills, 5 tons of agents, 10 million syrups.
The whole process of production and management of Merro Pharmaceutical is rooted in GMP and GSP quality management system and actively benchmarks international standards. In 2005, Merro Pharmaceuticals obtained TGA international certification, and metformin hydrochloride was exported to New Zealand to become the first batch of preparation export enterprises in China. In 2014, Merro's oral solid preparation workshop passed the US FDA certification. In 2017, Merro Pharmaceutical's paracetamol sustained-release tablets exported to Australia more than 40 million pieces of product quality has been recognized by the international market.
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