Support Public Welfare
As a corporate citizen with a strong sense of social responsibility, for more than 90 years, Merro Pharmaceutical has been adhering to the philosophy of love and love, and has spared no effort in public welfare, insisting on returning to society with high-quality products and love, and investing millions of yuan to set up civilized college students. Funds; donations to destitute workers and people in disaster areas; sponsoring social welfare undertakings and large-scale cultural activities.
Fight Against SARS
In 2003, during the fight against SARS, Merro Pharmaceuticals decided decisively to produce 24 hours of uninterrupted production, and transported a variety of urgently needed drugs such as "Xianlinna", "Xinmeiluo" and "Miro Anti-Virus" to the affected areas. And donated more than one million yuan of anti-viral drugs to the "SARS" hospital in Beijing, such as You'an, Ditan, and Japan-China Friendship.
Support Wenchuan
In the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, Merro Pharmaceuticals donated more than 10 million yuan worth of exclusive patented products "Surgical Joints" to the Sichuan disaster area for the first time. And in less than 15 days, a total of more than 70 varieties were transported to the disaster area, and a total of more than 150 tons of the country worth more than 30 million yuan were uniformly allocated disaster relief drugs.
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