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Merro Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Merro has been committed to the research, production and sales of chemical pharmaceutical preparations, biomedicine, traditional Chinese medicine and botanical medicine, and has an important position in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.
The three directions of Merro products are: research and development of national essential drugs, international generic drugs and biomedicine, and focus on the development of slow-release preparations and biological agents on the basis of more than 200 existing products to fully promote the international pharmaceutical market products. Extensive cooperation in technology, continuously improve the company's innovation ability to build a factory that meets the GMP standards of advanced countries such as Europe and the United States, and vigorously develop both international and domestic markets, and build Merro into an international pharmaceutical company that uses technology, service excellence and innovation. 
National "May 1st" Labor Award, National High-tech Enterprise
China's pharmaceutical preparation internationalization leading enterprise, national pharmaceutical industry outstanding enterprise
National pharmaceutical industry quality and efficiency advanced enterprise
National pharmaceutical industry AAA credit enterprise, national-level contract-honoring unit
National Top 100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises
National Top Ten Pharmaceutical Enterprises
  • 2000 The first batch of the country passed the national GMP and GSP certification.
  • 2005 Through the international (CGMP) standard TGA certification.
  • 2007 The medical bones and ichthyosis tablets of Merro Chinese Medicine Factory were awarded the national patent certificate.
  • 2009 Approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it was successfully declared as a national enterprise.
  • 2012 All dosage forms of the production base have passed the new GMP certification of SFDA.
  • 2014 Solid preparations are certified by the US FDA.
Rheumatism bone
Nourishing & nurse
Chronic disease
Heart & blood-vessel
The nervous system
Pediatric pharmaceuticals
Tumor medication
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