The "Entry college training camp" A1 course ended successfully

After nearly two months of intensive preparations, on July 5, 2019, Merro ushered in the first batch of "Entry college training camp" employees.

After nearly two months of preparation, in July 5, 2019, the first batch of "entry training camp" trainees were welcomed. On the day of the report, the newly built Pinghai apartment was decorated with lights. The members of the working group arranged the meeting room early and waited for the excellent students from all over the country. Enthusiastic and thoughtful service, intimate preparation of goods, so that the new arrivals in Merlot students feel warm, cordial, strong sense of home./p>

Camp A1 phase is mainly composed of military training, development training, workplace common courses of several parts. Strict military training is the first lesson for employees to enter the workplace, and employees are welcoming the new life in the workplace. Diversified outreach activities allow employees to understand the importance of teamwork, communication, and collaboration. A1 quality curriculum is the result of repeated lecturers lecture, modify, carefully polished out of the general education courses on business, pharmaceutical production, career development, designed to help employees to quickly understand the business, the successful completion of the transition of students into the workplace. In addition, the Academic Affairs Group also arranged a wealth of activities for the staff: debates, Indian expert exchanges, closing evenings, etc. Each event provided employees with a stage to show their own, and the Academic Affairs Group also saw it. The growth of employees.

After a month of training, employees feel the wealth of the course A1, exercise perseverance, rallied the team to learn about the business, recognized the workplace, there is laughter, there are tears. I believe that this month will be the most precious memory for the employees who are entering the workplace. The successful conclusion of the A1 course also means that the employees should develop in a more professional direction, and the lecturers of the A2 lecturers are expected to bring more exciting courses to everyone.

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